Painting Lessons / Student art

These pieces were all achieved by my mature students who had never painted or were afraid to put brush to canvas.
They felt an incredible sense of achievement and several have continued their creative journeys.

Value study

Sheila- Picasso color study
" I love my painting lessons with Carol! Her teaching is tailored to individual needs in a bright spacious studio filled with Carol’s creative work. I’ve learned so much already and I am inspired to discover so much more. She is a great coach , very creative , and makes learning fun".

Sheila – Dancer

" Carol taught me how to dance on a canvas , I was always running and wanted to get to the finish line as fast as possible.
You are amazing , I really enjoyed a lot , I love your happy vibe and was happy to be there".

“Carol has been a great art teacher and mentor to me. Over the past two years, I have been attending Carol’s Saturday morning classes. Through her unique style of teaching and encouragement, I’ve been making constant progress along my art making journey. Her style of teaching creates an experience each time, whether it was pushing me to test my own boundaries for an abstract art work, or teaching me the skills of portrait painting, I found myself growing as an artist during each experience. Thank you Carol!”

I am deeply appreciative of Carol for the individual attention and encouragement – in addition to teaching me the fundamentals, she’s gently pushed me to try new things and experiment outside of my comfort zone. As a result, I’m trusting my instincts and choices and loving the result. Thank you Carol! ❤️

“I Thoroughly enjoyed Carol’s art class. Carol patiently took me through the basic steps of shapes, colour, hues and tones, before letting me loose on a canvas! Always a morning to look forward too, learning, painting, experimenting, great conversation and always endless tea!”

I recently started art lessons with Carol Greenwood. It began with not knowing how to even draw a stick figure and having no confidence in my ability to actually create art, but just something that I could do for me to break away from the demands of work. Those expectations were quickly changed into a safe place to translate feelings, ideas and creative thought into art. Carol has guided me to appreciate the beauty in what I see as mistakes and the courage to try things I would have never thought of. This evolved into even more special time with my daughter who is exploring her own creativity and learning techniques that has inspired her to lean into art at home and school. I am so happy that I have this time to learn from Carol and also have her provide the space to step outside our comfort zone and find a gift in creating something that is all our own.