Recycled Furniture

Another great buy from Portland Oregon , a magazine rack.

sanded back , then painted black

I made my own stencils et voila!

This is a perfect round fold down table from Portland Oregon

Sanded back then a paint and pour technique used


A lovely little table from Portland Oregon .

Simply sanded back , gridded and stencilled blue

I added dark varnish to the rest but left some natural wood showing through

A very fun pool cue holder bought in Portland Oregon

Vintage pine chest of drawers from BHF

I kept the top natural and simply oiled

I used Fusion paint for the black and blue table.

Before blue is added using tape.

Stellar blue jay (Portland OR inspired )

The top of the table was first covered in gold leaf then I used my technique to achieve the look.

Fab mid century modern dressing table.

Plywood made in Shizouka Japan. Looks brand new after all these years.

A layer of gold leaf , then I used my technique on top of it.

Finished and we love it!

A simple table upcycled with a Robert Burns vinyl and vinyl sleeve .
Covered with epoxy resin.

Bought from Cunninghames

Sanded all the way back to the beautiful wood

It became our gorgeous drinks bar

I LOVE this Art Deco style chair.

This is my own patented design fabric

Bought from BHF , an absolute beauty overlooked.

Those brass knobs turned out stunning when polished.

After sanding back , a little play with paint, I can design as I go along